Un mariage folk en Provence

“Un mariage folk en Provence -A folk wedding in Provence” as written on the French blog “Un beau jour”. 

I was published on the blog, you can find the article here.

I met Chloé from You & C- Wedding Planner en Provence last year, I really liked her work and I wanted to make an inspiration shoot with her. We shared the exact same vision of this photoshoot. We wanted to recreate the famous Californian photoshoots in Provence. Pretty hard task, as the light is different, and the landscape are not really the same. But I use to drive through “The Rocher de Roquebrune” on the way to Saint-Tropez and I’ve always dreamt of doing a photoshoot on this rocky mountain.  It looks a little bit like Grand Canyon, that is what we needed. Chloe spent few weeks then to find the professionals we needed to work on this shoot.
You can find the amazing team of the photoshoot and all their details on the blog. 

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Claire Madeline – Photographe de Grossesse Nice – Photographe de grossesse sud de la France